GroupMe App Review 2024: Is GroupMe Safe for Kids?

GroupMe is a cool and free messaging app that lots of people, especially kids, use to send messages without paying anything. It’s handy for things like school projects and sports events. Besides, it’s a neat way for friends and family to stay in touch and share photos. In this comprehensive GroupMe review, we aim to delve deeper into understanding the essence of the app, exploring both its positive aspects and drawbacks. Additionally, we’ll provide valuable insights on how users can leverage GroupMe safely for an enriched messaging experience. Let’s explore GroupMe together and see how it can make messaging more fun and convenient!

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GroupMe App Overview

GroupMe is the ultimate chat platform for everyone you know, creating a private chat room for any size group – and it’s completely free! Whether you’re coordinating with coworkers, planning a game night, or keeping in touch with family, GroupMe brings it all together.

GroupMe is versatile too, with native apps for iOS and Android, letting you chat on the go, at the office, or from the comfort of your couch. The best part? You don’t even need the app to join the conversation – just add contacts from your phone book, and they’re in!

But, the safety of this app has become a concern, shared by many parents like you. In this ultimate guide to GroupMe, we unravel the app’s nature, addressing the crucial question: Is GroupMe safe for your kids?

Key SpecificationsGroupMe
User BaseVaried, suitable for small to large groups
Group CapacityUp to 40 members per group
Messaging FeaturesText, photos, videos, GIFs, likes, events, polls
SecurityLacks end-to-end encryption
PrivacyLimited privacy in private groups
CostFree, no limitations on messages
Device CompatibilityiOS, Android, web
Parental ControlsLacks built-in parental controls
Additional FeaturesEvent creation, polls, easy interface
Overall FocusGroup communication and collaboration


  • Event and Poll Creation: Easily create events and polls within groups.
  • Large Group Capacity: Support for groups with up to 40 members.
  • User-Friendly Group Management: Simplified and efficient group management.
  • GIF Sharing: Fun and engaging GIF-sharing capability.


  • Limited User Base: While not a flaw of the app, the smaller user base (10 million+ installs) may result in fewer friends using GroupMe compared to larger platforms like WhatsApp (1.5 billion users).

What Is GroupMe Messaging App?

GroupMe Messaging App

The GroupMe app – a group messaging and collaboration platform that allows users to create and participate in group chats – often recognized as a free chat application, offers more than just chatting; it incorporates numerous advanced features. Users can personalize groups, inviting their favorite people for an enjoyable experience. The app facilitates the creation of memes and allows users to share them with friends. Liking messages within conversations is also a feature.

Moreover, users can share photos and videos with their loved ones, utilizing the camera option to capture and share happy moments. The app boasts a gallery view feature, similar to Facebook and WhatsApp, enabling users to see shared pictures and videos within a group. GroupMe supports location sharing, akin to other social platforms.

Additionally, users can set their calendars to add events with specific dates and times, serving as reminders for offline meetings and more. For those bothered by GroupMe notifications, there’s an option to mute them if desired.

How Does GroupMe Work?

How Does GroupMe Work?

GroupMe works as a messaging app that allows users to create and participate in group chats. Catering to both Android and iPhone users, GroupMe extends its reach to tablets and computers, leveraging Wi-Fi or cellular data connections.

The sign-up process offers flexibility, allowing users to use existing social media credentials such as Facebook, Skype, or Microsoft, streamlining the onboarding experience. Alternatively, registration via email address or phone number is available. Personalization takes center stage as users choose a distinctive username and avatar, shaping their identity in the vibrant realm of group chats.

GroupMe Features Review: What Can Users Do on GroupMe?

GroupMe Features Review

On GroupMe, users can engage in various activities to facilitate communication and collaboration within groups. Here are some key things users can do on GroupMe:

1. Create Groups: Users can create groups for different purposes, such as social circles, family, friends, classmates, or work teams.

You have the flexibility to create numerous public groups on GroupMe, tailoring them to your preferences. Each group can accommodate up to 40 contacts, which you can add using phone numbers, saved contacts, or email IDs. This feature empowers you to efficiently organize and communicate with various circles within your network.

GroupMe Features Review: Create Groups

2. Share Multimedia: Users can share photos and videos directly within the app, making it easy to exchange media with group members.

Within a group on GroupMe, you can share an array of content, including photos, videos, locations through Google Maps, GIFs, and more. Furthermore, you can express appreciation by liking texts from your friends within the group. This diverse range of sharing options enhances the overall interactive experience on the platform.

GroupMe Features Review: Share Multimedia

3. Make Polls: GroupMe’s poll feature adds an interactive element to your group discussions. You can create polls to gather opinions or preferences within the group. This functionality proves handy for decision-making processes or when you need to choose specific options. Making polls enhances group engagement and facilitates democratic decision-making.

GroupMe Features Review: Make Polls

4. Event Planning: Many users use GroupMe for event planning and coordination, discussing plans, sharing details, and coordinating activities within a group.

GroupMe’s event feature simplifies gathering arrangements. You can create invitations for various events within your groups. Members can promptly RSVP, providing you with instant insights into their attendance status. This functionality enhances coordination and ensures that event planning is efficient and straightforward for everyone involved.

GroupMe Features Review: Event Planning

5. Split Bills: GroupMe facilitates easy bill splitting within your group. You can divide any expenses among group members, and the app will automatically allocate the amounts accordingly. Members will receive notifications about the split, streamlining the process of managing shared expenses. However, it’s important to note that the availability of this feature may vary depending on your country. If it’s not visible after installation, it might not be accessible in your region.

6. Send Direct Messages: In addition to group chats, users can send direct, private messages to individuals within the platform.

7. Send Text Messages: GroupMe allows users to send text messages within groups, fostering communication and discussion.

8. React with Emoji: GroupMe supports the use of emojis and reactions, allowing users to express their feelings and reactions to messages.

9. Share Location: Users can share their current location with the group, which can help coordinate meetups or events.

10. Customizable Notifications: GroupMe allows users to customize notification settings for each group, controlling how and when they receive alerts for new messages.

11. Integrate Bots: GroupMe supports the integration of bots, which are automated programs that can perform various tasks within a group. Bots can provide information, polls, and other functionalities.

12. Access Across Platforms: GroupMe is accessible on various platforms, including mobile apps for iOS and Android, web browsers, and through SMS.

13. Create Calendar Events: Users can create calendar events within the app, making it convenient for planning and organizing group activities.

14. Mute or Leave Groups: Users have the option to mute notifications for specific groups or leave groups altogether.

15. Use Reactions: In addition to emojis, users can use reactions to specific messages within the chat.

16. Free to Use: GroupMe is generally free to use, and users can create and join groups without any subscription fees. Standard messaging rates may apply for SMS-based interactions.

17. Ease Of Use: GroupMe’s user-friendly interface simplifies group management. Whether it’s for work, family, or social circles, creating and managing groups is a breeze. You can effortlessly add contacts, and even non-app users receive notifications via text. The app provides flexibility, allowing closed groups where only admins can add members. Accessing group information, past polls, events, and modifying group details is straightforward. The app also facilitates interactions with features like setting nicknames, viewing member details, liked texts, and shared content. Additionally, the option to scan GroupMe barcodes streamlines the process of adding friends to groups when they’re nearby.

Overall, GroupMe is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration within groups of people. It’s commonly used for both casual and professional purposes, making it a versatile tool for staying connected with others.

GroupMe Review: Pricing and Plans

In this GroupMe review, let’s delve into the pricing and plans of this messaging app.

Pricing and PlansGroupMe
Cost to UsersFree
In-App PurchasesYes
Message ChargesNone
Group ManagementFree
Additional FeaturesEmoji Blocks (In-App Purchase)
Ads in the AppNo

GroupMe adopts a user-friendly approach by offering its services entirely free of charge. Users can enjoy the core features without incurring any costs, making it an appealing choice for those looking for a budget-friendly messaging solution.

While there are in-app purchases available, such as Emoji Blocks, the fundamental aspects of creating and managing groups, sending messages, and utilizing various features come without a price tag. This straightforward pricing model aligns with GroupMe’s commitment to providing accessible and convenient group communication.

GroupMe Review: Device Compatibility

GroupMe is compatible with various devices, offering flexibility for users to stay connected across different platforms. The app is accessible on the following devices:

Device CompatibilityGroupMe
Mobile DevicesiOS, Android
Web AccessYes
SMS IntegrationYes
Accessibility FeaturesYes
Cross-Platform SyncYes

Mobile Devices:

  • iOS: GroupMe is compatible with iPhones and iPads running on iOS. Users can download and install the app from the Apple App Store.
  • Android: The app is available for Android devices, and users can find it on the Google Play Store. It supports a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets.

Web Access:

  • GroupMe provides a web-based platform, allowing users to access their chats and groups from desktop or laptop computers. This feature enhances convenience for users who prefer using a larger screen or need access while working on a computer.

SMS Integration:

  • Users can interact with GroupMe through SMS (Short Message Service). Even if individuals do not have the app installed, they can participate in group conversations and receive messages via text. This SMS integration widens the reach of GroupMe beyond the app itself.

Accessibility Features:

  • GroupMe strives to be inclusive, and it incorporates accessibility features to accommodate users with diverse needs. This includes compatibility with screen readers and other accessibility tools.

Cross-Platform Synchronization:

  • GroupMe ensures synchronization across different platforms. Users can seamlessly switch between their mobile devices and the web version while maintaining a consistent and updated chat experience.

In summary, GroupMe’s compatibility across iOS, Android, web browsers, and SMS integration contributes to its versatility, enabling users to connect with their groups and stay engaged irrespective of the device they are using.

GroupMe Review: What Parents Need to Know about GroupMe?

Before granting your child permission to use any app, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks and features associated with it. If your child is expressing interest in creating a GroupMe account, here are key considerations:

GroupMe is a free messaging application facilitating both one-on-one and group chats. While it’s commonly used for personal communication, it also serves professional purposes such as team management, school projects, and meetings.

This app offers an extensive collection of GIFs, stickers, and emojis to express feelings and situations. However, parents should be aware that inappropriate content, including sexual emojis and drug-related imagery, can be easily accessed by users, especially children.

One notable concern is the lack of control over shared content on GroupMe. Users cannot retract sent messages, videos, or pictures, and the app lacks robust content moderation features.

Parents may wonder about the appropriate age for using GroupMe. While the app is accessible to users over 16, parents need to evaluate whether their child is mature enough to navigate and engage responsibly in a messaging environment.

Understanding these aspects of GroupMe helps parents make informed decisions regarding their child’s online activities and ensures a safer digital experience. Regular communication about online behavior and potential risks is crucial for fostering a responsible approach to app usage.

GroupMe Review: Is GroupMe Safe for Kids & Why?

GroupMe has been a popular choice among kids, but the crucial question is whether GroupMe is safe for them.

Discovering your kids using GroupMe raises genuine worries. Delve into the potential issues associated with the misuse of this application, emphasizing the need for parental vigilance:

  1. Accessibility to Sexual Content: GroupMe, beyond its utility for sharing academic content, presents a gateway to explicit material through GIFs and videos, easily accessible to teens. The lack of parental controls, as highlighted in GroupMe reviews, poses a risk of exposing youngsters to inappropriate content.
  2. Unrestricted Sexting: GroupMe’s chat feature, connecting users with strangers, creates a platform for potential predators. Unrestricted conversations can lead to sexting, impacting a child’s mental well-being. Direct conversations, per GroupMe reviews, lack sufficient safeguards, risking privacy breaches.
  3. Inability to Delete Shared Posts: Users, including kids, face a significant drawback on GroupMe – the inability to delete past content. This limitation can be stressful, as screenshots and leaked discussions may harm a child’s reputation, leading to potential cyberbullying and associated mental health issues.
  4. Cyberbullying and Controversial Chats: GroupMe harbors the risk of cyberbullying, with parents often unaware of their child’s involvement in controversial group chats. Disrespectful or offensive discussions, as reported in reviews, can negatively impact a child’s academic performance and mental state.
  5. Hidden Internet Search Bar: GroupMe’s integrated search feature allows users to access links within the app, circumventing internet search restrictions. While beneficial for older users, parents need to be cautious when it comes to younger audiences.
  6. No Notification for Screenshots: GroupMe lacks notifications for screenshots, leaving users unaware when their private or group chats are captured. This can be exploited by others sharing sensitive content online without the user’s knowledge.
  7. Users Can Hide Chats on Devices: GroupMe permits users to hide chats on their devices, concealing conversations from parents. This lack of transparency poses challenges for parents wanting to monitor their kids’ online interactions, potentially exposing them to undisclosed risks.

Given these concerns, parents should carefully consider whether GroupMe is an appropriate platform for their kids and actively engage in conversations about responsible online behavior and potential risks. Empower your children with awareness about these potential dangers and guide them on responsible app usage.

GroupMe Review: How to Make GroupMe Safe for Kids: A Guide for Parents

As a vigilant parent, ensuring the safety of kids on GroupMe is crucial due to the various risks associated with the platform. Here are effective strategies to make GroupMe safe for kids:

Use Parental Control Apps (Most Effective)

Employing parental control applications such as KidsGuard Pro and FamiSafe can offer an additional layer of oversight.


Parents choose mSpy for monitoring GroupMe due to its advanced features and robust capabilities to ensure a secure digital environment for children.

For a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities, delve into our comprehensive mSpy review.


Why Opt for mSpy for GroupMe Monitoring?

mSpy stands out as a preferred choice for parents seeking robust monitoring solutions for GroupMe and other social media platforms. Here are key reasons why parents choose mSpy:

  1. Message Tracking: mSpy allows parents to monitor GroupMe messages, including both sent and received texts, providing insight into their child’s communication.
  2. Media Monitoring: Parents can track multimedia files exchanged on GroupMe, ensuring a comprehensive view of the content shared within the messaging app.
  3. Call Log Monitoring: mSpy provides visibility into call logs, allowing parents to review GroupMe-related calls and maintain awareness of their child’s communication patterns.
  4. Location Tracking: The app includes a GPS tracking feature, enabling parents to monitor their child’s real-time location and receive location history reports.
  5. Application Blocking: Parents can use mSpy to block or restrict access to GroupMe and other apps, promoting responsible and controlled app usage.
  6. Stealth Mode: mSpy operates in stealth mode, ensuring discreet monitoring without alerting the child, and fostering trust between parents and their children.
  7. Custom Alerts: mSpy allows parents to set custom alerts for specific keywords or activities on GroupMe, ensuring prompt notification of any concerning behavior.

In conclusion, mSpy’s comprehensive features and user-friendly interface make it an effective choice for parents aiming to monitor and safeguard their child’s interactions on GroupMe.

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro monitoring app enables parents to monitor their kids’ activities, capturing screenshots of shared files, emojis, memes, and GIFs. It provides a comprehensive view of the child’s interactions on social media, allowing parents to stay informed. >>Check KidsGuard Pro review

KidsGuard Pro

Why Choose KidsGuard Pro for GroupMe Monitoring?

Parents prefer KidsGuard Pro for monitoring GroupMe due to its advanced capabilities and user-friendly features, ensuring a secure digital environment for their children. Here are the reasons why KidsGuard Pro stands out:

  1. Message Tracking: KidsGuard Pro allows parents to track GroupMe messages, providing insights into their child’s conversations and ensuring awareness of their online interactions.
  2. Media Monitoring: Parents can monitor multimedia files shared on GroupMe, including photos and videos, ensuring a complete understanding of their child’s digital activities.
  3. Real-time Alerts: KidsGuard Pro offers real-time alerts, notifying parents when specific keywords or potentially risky content is detected in GroupMe messages, allowing prompt intervention.
  4. App Usage Analysis: Parents can analyze their child’s app usage patterns on GroupMe, gaining insights into the frequency and duration of their interactions within the app.
  5. Location Tracking: The GPS tracking feature allows parents to track their child’s real-time location and view location history, enhancing overall safety and security.
  6. Stealth Mode: KidsGuard Pro operates in stealth mode, ensuring discreet monitoring without the child’s knowledge, and maintaining the effectiveness of parental oversight.

In conclusion, KidsGuard Pro emerges as a preferred solution for monitoring GroupMe due to its powerful features, reliable performance, and commitment to enhancing digital parenting.


FamiSafe allows parents to monitor device activities, set time limits, block applications, and receive alerts for suspicious texts. This proactive approach ensures a safer digital experience for your child. >>Check FamiSafe review


Why Opt for FamiSafe for GroupMe Monitoring?

FamiSafe stands out as a top choice for monitoring GroupMe due to its comprehensive features and emphasis on ensuring a secure digital environment for children. Here’s why parents choose FamiSafe:

  1. Real-time Monitoring: FamiSafe provides real-time monitoring of GroupMe activities, allowing parents to stay informed about their child’s messaging interactions.
  2. App Usage Control: With FamiSafe, parents can set limits on the usage of GroupMe and other apps, promoting healthy screen time habits.
  3. Content Filtering: FamiSafe enables content filtering, allowing parents to block inappropriate content and ensure a safe online experience for their children.
  4. Location Tracking: The app includes location tracking features, providing parents with insights into their child’s whereabouts and enhancing overall safety.
  5. Smart Schedule: FamiSafe offers a smart schedule feature, enabling parents to define specific periods for app usage, fostering a balanced digital lifestyle.
  6. Geofencing Alerts: Parents receive geofencing alerts, notifying them when their child enters or leaves predefined geographical boundaries.

In summary, FamiSafe’s multifaceted approach to parental control makes it a reliable choice for parents seeking effective GroupMe monitoring while prioritizing their child’s online safety.

Three Other Methods

1. Leverage GroupMe Parental Control: Utilize GroupMe’s parental control features to enhance safety. Parents can block inappropriate users and activate the “request to join” feature. This ensures that anyone attempting to join or add the child to a chat requires parental permission. By setting restrictions and blocking unwanted users, parents can exert greater control over their children’s interactions on the platform.

2. Open Communication: Engage in open and honest communication with kids about the positives and negatives of using GroupMe. Emphasize its intended purposes for official work, such as project management, team coordination, and educational collaboration. Discuss potential dangers, including cyberbullying, harassment, and exposure to inappropriate content, fostering awareness and responsible online behavior.

3. Set Usage Restrictions: Implement rules and restrictions for mobile phone usage among kids. Establish time limits for each app, including GroupMe, to prevent overuse and potential addiction. By setting boundaries, parents can ensure that their children use the app responsibly and in moderation.

By combining education, monitoring tools, and ongoing communication, parents can play an active role in safeguarding their children’s online experiences on GroupMe and similar platforms.

GroupMe vs. WhatsApp: Which Is the Better Messaging App?

Is GroupMe better than WhatsApp? GroupMe and WhatsApp are popular apps for chatting with friends, but which one is better? Both work on phones and computers, and many people use them for group messages. GroupMe is great for making polls and organizing events, focusing on group chats. WhatsApp does a lot, offering voice messages, location sharing, and group chats for up to 1,024 people. WhatsApp is more secure, with encrypted messages, and it allows larger file sharing (up to 100MB).

GroupMe is good for adding people without the app through SMS, useful for clubs. WhatsApp has more features overall, making it a great choice, especially for international calls and texts. Unfortunately, GroupMe lacks end-to-end encryption, making WhatsApp a more private option. If privacy matters, look into alternatives like WhatsApp or Signal.

GroupMe Or WhatsApp – A Comprehensive Guide

SecurityOffers end-to-end encryption for secure communication. Users can revert sent messages, videos, and pictures.Lacks end-to-end encryption, making it less secure. No option to revert sent messages.
Cost & LimitsFree to use with no limitations on message quantity. Users can send unlimited messages without charges.Also free with no limits on message quantity. Particularly beneficial for group communication.
Message PrivacyPrioritizes message privacy with encrypted individual and group chats.Messages can be private in private groups but lacks the encryption level of WhatsApp.

Choosing between GroupMe and WhatsApp depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:


  • Pros:
  1. Ideal for managing large groups with up to 40 members.
  2. User-friendly interface for creating events, polls, and sharing GIFs.
  3. Suitable for various purposes, including work, social, or family groups.
  • Cons:
  1. Smaller user base compared to WhatsApp.
  2. May not be the primary choice if most of your contacts use other messaging apps.


  • Pros:
  1. Extensive user base, making it likely that your contacts are already using it.
  2. End-to-end encryption for enhanced privacy and security.
  3. Versatile for both one-on-one and group conversations.
  • Cons:
  1. Group capacity is limited to 256 members (still larger than most personal groups).
  2. May not be as feature-rich for large group management as GroupMe.


Choose GroupMe if:

  • You frequently manage large groups and enjoy features like event creation and polls.
  • A smaller, more intimate user base is acceptable for your communication needs.

Choose WhatsApp if:

  • Privacy and security are top priorities with end-to-end encryption.
  • Your contacts are already using WhatsApp, providing seamless communication.

For streamlined group conversations, GroupMe is a top recommendation. While WhatsApp serves well for one-on-one chats, GroupMe stands out for managing group texts efficiently. If you aim to foster strong connections within your groups, opting for the GroupMe app is a choice you won’t regret. Its user-friendly interface and dedicated features make it the go-to solution for seamless group communication.

FAQs about GroupMe

Can GroupMe Be Tracked?

Yes, GroupMe activities can be monitored for safety and control. Parents can utilize parental control apps, like mSpy, KidsGuard Pro, or FamiSafe, to track and manage GroupMe usage on their children’s devices. These tools enable remote supervision, ensuring a secure and controlled digital environment. Keep in mind that responsible tracking helps maintain a balance between privacy and safety.

How to Unhide Chat In GroupMe?

Uncovering hidden chats in GroupMe is a breeze with these quick steps:

  1. Open GroupMe App:
    Launch the app and log in.
  2. Access Chat List:
    Tap the chat icon.
  3. Locate Hidden Chat:
    Scroll to find the hidden chat.
  4. Unhide the Chat:
    Long-press on the chat, then choose “Unhide.”
  5. Confirmation:
    Receive a confirmation message.

Now, your hidden chat is back in view, making communication seamless.

Are GroupMe Messages Private?

Indeed, GroupMe messages maintain privacy. Users have the option to create private groups, allowing them to engage in conversations that remain concealed from others.

How is GroupMe Better Than Texting?

GroupMe surpasses texting due to its cost-effectiveness, as it doesn’t incur charges and imposes no limits on message sending. In contrast, texting becomes expensive when sending messages to multiple recipients, as texting charges can accumulate. Therefore, opting for GroupMe is a more economical choice for chatting.

How Secure Are Conversations on GroupMe?

While GroupMe ensures efficient communication, it does not embrace end-to-end encryption, a point often debated in the realm of secure messaging. Users should be mindful of this aspect, especially when privacy is paramount.

What Sets GroupMe Apart From Other Messaging Apps?

GroupMe, in essence, is a group communication marvel. Unlike mundane messaging platforms, it seamlessly blends event coordination, media sharing, and dynamic polls within a single interface. This distinctive approach has garnered attention, as evidenced in our above GroupMe review.

Is GroupMe Suitable for Extensive Group Interactions?

Absolutely! With a capacity to host up to 40 members in a group, GroupMe shines in facilitating robust conversations. Whether orchestrating a family reunion or coordinating work projects, its user-friendly design and feature-rich environment make it a preferred choice for comprehensive group dynamics.

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Final Words on GroupMe Review

GroupMe is a free messaging application accessible on Android, iOS, and PC. Although kids often use it for study-related communication with peers and teachers, it is not considered suitable for them. The app’s environment contains inappropriate content that can contribute to cyberbullying and harassment. Despite these concerns, parents can take control by using the mSpy, KidsGuard Pro, or FamiSafe Parental Control app, which allows effective monitoring and managing of various activities like social media usage, browsing history, text messages, calls, and more. These apps operate remotely and discreetly, enabling parents to track locations and set geofences. They are available for free download, offering a helpful solution for concerned parents. Give them a try today!

>> Learn more parental control tips and guides to safeguard your kids.


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