How Can I Monitor My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing 2024

In today’s world, parents have to give a smartphone to their kids due to online classes, online group study, educational video tutorials, and even regular and emergency communication. However, a smartphone can be a harmful gadget for a kid if there is no parental control. Parents should monitor kids’ phones regularly to ensure that they are not misusing their phones and getting into any online danger. But is it even possible to check everything my kid does on his phone? How can I monitor my child’s phone without them knowing? In this article, we will illustrate all the legitimate ways how to track your child’s phone without them knowing for free. It’s time to take control and ensure their online journey is a secure and enriching one.

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Why Should Parents Monitor a Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Respecting a child’s privacy is a valid concern, but there are essential reasons why parental monitoring and guidance are necessary:

1. Prevention

Parents play a crucial role in preventing their kids from misusing smartphones. Monitoring their phone activities is the only way to identify and address any potential issues. For instance, children might engage in searching for inappropriate content, sending improper messages, or sharing explicit photos. By monitoring their activities, parents can detect these behaviors and take preventive measures to ensure they don’t recur.

2. Protection

In today’s digital age, kids are highly active on social media and instant messaging apps. However, these platforms can expose them to potential dangers, including child predators, bullies, and abusers. Kids may struggle to distinguish between safe and harmful interactions. Parents can step in to protect their children from online threats, such as confronting child predators, who may be disturbing or blackmailing their kids. In cases of threats or harassment, parents can take immediate action to ensure their child’s safety.

3. Help and Guidance

Parental monitoring and control provide an opportunity for children to learn and grow. When kids are aware of their parents’ oversight, they are more likely to refrain from engaging in inappropriate or harmful activities. This guidance helps them develop a better understanding of responsible digital behavior and fosters a sense of accountability. By fostering this environment, parents can offer their children valuable guidance and support, contributing to their overall well-being and digital literacy.

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

You might wonder “Can I mirror my child’s phone to mine?”Certainly, you can mirror your child’s phone to yours. The most effective way to mirror and monitor your child’s phone remotely without them knowing is by using a professional parental control app. By installing a parental monitoring app on your child’s phone, parents can discreetly observe their child’s activities on their devices. This approach is optimal for both Android and iOS users.

For iPhone users, monitoring your child’s activities can be done through their iCloud account. Additionally, you can forward the calls and text messages intended for your child to your number. Here, we will explore all the methods on how to monitor your child’s phone without them knowing.

1. Use A Professional Parental Control App [Android & iOS]

One of the most straightforward methods to discreetly track your child’s phone is by employing a parental control app. These applications are purpose-built to assist parents in overseeing their child’s mobile activities, featuring functions like call and message monitoring, GPS location tracking, and social media surveillance.

How It Works:

Parental tracking apps necessitate installation on both the parent’s and child’s phones. Once set up, the app operates in the background, enabling parents to supervise their child’s phone activities via a dashboard or dedicated app on their device. Importantly, the child remains unaware of being monitored.


A Phone monitoring app for parents offers a comprehensive array of capabilities that empower parents to remotely monitor their child’s phone interactions. They are user-friendly and are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, these apps feature customizable settings, granting parents the ability to impose restrictions on specific apps or websites while receiving alerts should their child attempt to access restricted content.


However, it’s worth noting that certain parental control apps may carry a hefty price tag, and the available features can vary between apps. Research is essential to select an app that aligns with your specific requirements and budget. Moreover, there’s the potential for children to discover that they are being monitored, which might lead to concerns about privacy invasion.

Why Recommend Kidsguard Pro to Monitor Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

When it comes to monitoring your child’s phone without their awareness, the ideal solution is to use a reliable parental tracking app. One such app is KidsGuard Pro, offering comprehensive features for both Android and iOS devices. >>Check KidsGuard Pro review

KidsGuard Pro

Features of KidsGuard Pro:

  1. Monitor Social Media Apps: Keep an eye on your child’s conversations on various social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, all accessible through the dashboard.
  2. Track Location: Ensure your child’s safety by tracking their real-time location, including location history records.
  3. Set Geofence: Create safe zones with geofencing and receive instant alerts when your child crosses these boundaries.
  4. Read Text Messages: Review all text messages, including deleted ones, with contact details and timestamps.
  5. Check Call History and Contacts: Monitor incoming and outgoing calls, complete with contact names and numbers, call types, and durations.
  6. Record Call Conversations: Record your child’s call conversations to detect any inappropriate content or conversations.
  7. View Browser History: Keep an eye on the websites your child visits and their online searches to ensure they’re not exposed to inappropriate content.
  8. Capture Screenshots and Record Phone Screen: Instantly view your child’s phone activities through real-time screenshots and screen recordings.
  9. Listen to Phone Surroundings: Listen to your child’s surroundings to ensure their safety.
  10. Set Sensitive Words: Define sensitive words for monitoring, and receiving real-time alerts if they appear in your child’s communications.
  11. Take Photos Secretly: Capture photos using your child’s phone camera to check their surroundings.

How to Spy on Your Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing with KidsGuard Pro

To spy on your child’s phone without them knowing using KidsGuard Pro, follow these steps:

How to Use KidsGuard Pro for Android to Spy on Your Child’s iPhone Without Them Knowing:

  1. Register an Account: Create an account using your email address and choose a suitable plan.
  2. Deploy KidsGuard Pro: Download and install the KidsGuard Pro Assistant app from their official website on your child’s Android smartphone. Follow the provided instructions for setup.
  3. Start Monitoring: Once the app is installed on your child’s phone, you can monitor their phone activities through the online dashboard from any device. Sign in to your account and start seeing everything on your child’s phone without their knowledge.

How to Spy on Your Child’s iPhone Without Them Knowing with KidsGuard Pro:

  1. Download KidsGuard Pro: After creating an account and selecting a plan, download and install KidsGuard Pro for iOS on your computer.
  2. Mirror Child’s Phone: Connect your child’s iOS device to the computer, mirror the data, and start monitoring.

With KidsGuard Pro, you can discreetly monitor your child’s phone activities, ensuring their safety and well-being. It operates in stealth mode, keeping your child unaware of the monitoring process.

2. Use Spy Apps to Monitor Child’s Phone [Android & iOS]

For more advanced monitoring features, you can consider utilizing spy apps like mSpy Spy App to covertly track your child’s phone. Spy apps extend features such as call and message tracking, GPS location tracking, and social media monitoring.

How It Works:

To employ a spy app, you must download and install the application on your child’s phone. Once successfully installed, the app operates discreetly in the background. You can then supervise your child’s phone activities through a dashboard or dedicated app on your device.


Spy apps provide a higher level of monitoring capabilities compared to parental control apps and Google Maps. Real-time tracking of your child’s phone activities is possible, and you can receive alerts if they attempt to access specific apps or websites. Additionally, some spy apps incorporate a keylogger feature that records every keystroke on your child’s phone, offering insights into their messaging and browsing behavior.


It’s important to note that spy apps can carry a significant cost, and some may necessitate rooting or jailbreaking your child’s phone, actions that come with inherent risks and can void any warranties. Furthermore, using spy apps can be seen as an intrusion into your child’s privacy. Consequently, it’s crucial to engage in an open and honest conversation with your child about the reasons behind your decision to monitor their phone activity.

Why Recommend mSpy to Monitor Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

mSpy, as the name implies, is a prominent spying app. It serves as an excellent option for discreetly monitoring your child’s device activities without their awareness, all from your smartphone or computer. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and operates in stealth mode, ensuring its invisibility on the target device.


The scope of monitored activities covers text messages, both current and historical, live and past locations, phone calls, and engagement on social platforms like Instagram, and TikTok, among others. mSpy offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless use for most parents, with swift and simple installation procedures.

For a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities, delve into our comprehensive mSpy review.

Key Features of mSpy:

  1. GPS Location Tracking: Allows parents to monitor their child’s precise location in real-time.
  2. Geo-Fencing: Permits parents to define safe and restricted areas, with alerts triggered upon boundary breaches.
  3. Call and Text Monitoring: Provides access to call logs and text messages.
  4. Social Media Monitoring: Enables parents to oversee various social media platforms.
  5. Keylogger: Tracks every keystroke on the target device, offering insights into the child’s typing activity.


  1. Comprehensive Monitoring: Offers a wide array of monitoring features, delivering a thorough overview of a child’s phone activities.
  2. Stealth Mode: Operates discreetly, making it undetectable on the child’s device.
  3. User-Friendly: The app boasts ease of use and navigation, suitable for parents with limited technical expertise.


  1. No Free Version: mSpy does not provide a free version, necessitating a paid subscription for access to its features.
  2. May Require Jailbreaking or Rooting: To utilize advanced features, the target device may need to undergo jailbreaking or rooting, which could pose technical challenges for some users.

How to Spy on Your Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing with mSpy

Spying on your child’s phone without their knowledge using mSpy is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to get you started:

1. Purchase a Subscription:

  • Visit the mSpy website and choose a suitable subscription plan.
  • Complete the payment process to receive your login credentials and installation instructions.

2. Install mSpy on Your Child’s Phone:

  • Gain physical access to your child’s device.
  • Follow the provided instructions for downloading and installing the mSpy app on their phone.
  • After installation, launch the app and grant the necessary permissions.

3. Access Your Online Dashboard:

  • Log in to your mSpy account using the provided credentials on any web browser.

4. Start Monitoring:

  • From your online dashboard, you’ll have access to a wide range of monitoring features. You can track your child’s location, view their call and message history, monitor their social media activity, and even use the keylogger function to track their typing.

Remember to use this software responsibly, respecting your child’s privacy while ensuring their safety and well-being. Open and honest communication with your child about why you’re monitoring their phone can help maintain trust in your relationship.

3. Track Child’s Location Using Google Maps [Android & iOS]

How to track my child’s phone without them knowing for free? If you’re solely interested in monitoring your child’s location, Google Maps provides a convenient option. It enables you to share locations, offering a straightforward way to stay informed about your child’s whereabouts.

Google Maps

How It Works:

To utilize Google Maps for tracking your child’s phone, you’ll need to have the Google Maps app installed on both your device and your child’s device. Once the app is set up, you can share your location with your child and request that they reciprocate by sharing their location with you. This enables you to view your child’s real-time location through the Google Maps app.


Google Maps is a cost-free app that typically comes pre-installed on many Android devices. It boasts user-friendly features, allowing you to monitor your child’s location in real-time. Additionally, you can configure alerts to notify you when your child reaches specific destinations.


However, Google Maps is limited to location tracking and lacks additional monitoring functionalities such as call and message tracking or social media surveillance. Another consideration is your child’s willingness to share their location; they can disable location sharing at any time, potentially raising concerns about privacy and consent.

4. Mirror Your Kid’s Phone to Yours via iCloud [iOS Only]

If you’re wondering, “Can I mirror my child’s phone to mine?” – the answer is yes, with an iCloud-based approach. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Enable iCloud Sync on Your Child’s iPhone

On your child’s iPhone, access the device settings and go to the “Settings” app. Inside the settings, locate and tap on “iCloud.” This is where you enable iCloud syncing for specific data.

Now, you’ll need to enable all the options that are relevant to the monitoring you wish to perform. These options might include messages, contacts, photos, and more. By turning these settings on, you’re allowing data to be synced with your child’s iCloud account.

Step 2: Access iCloud from Your Device

On your device, which is the parent’s device, open a web browser and go to the official iCloud website, which can be found at When you reach the website, you’ll need to log in using your child’s Apple ID and password. This is a crucial step as it grants you access to your child’s iCloud data.

Step 3: Choose Data to Monitor

Once you’re logged in to iCloud, you will have a dashboard that shows all the devices linked to the Apple ID. Select your child’s device from this dashboard. At this point, you can choose which specific data you want to monitor. This can include messages, contacts, calendar events, and more.

This method allows you to monitor your child’s iPhone remotely without any physical access to their device. Keep in mind that you’ll need to know your child’s Apple ID and password for this to work.

5. Sync Your Child’s Text Messages to Your Phone [iOS Only]

If your child has an iPhone and you want to monitor their text messages, you can do so by forwarding their messages to your phone. Here’s how to track my child’s phone without them knowing for free:

Step 1: Access Message Settings

On your child’s iPhone, open the “Settings” app. Inside settings, navigate to the “Messages” section and tap on it.

Step 2: Set Up Apple ID for iMessage

Under “Messages,” go to the “Send & Receive” settings. Here, you’ll find the option to use your Apple ID for iMessage. Tap on it.

Step 3: Sign in with Your Child’s Apple ID

In the pop-up box that appears, select “Use Other Apple ID” and sign in with your child’s Apple ID. This step is essential for linking their messages to your device.

Step 4: Enable Text Message Forwarding

Return to the device settings and once more visit the “Messages” section. Here, you’ll see the option for “Text Message Forwarding.” Enable this option.

Step 5: Confirm the Device

As you enable text message forwarding, you’ll need to choose the device to which the messages will be forwarded. An authentication code will be sent to the chosen device to confirm it. Once confirmed, you will receive your child’s text messages on your device.

With this method, you can monitor your child’s phone text messages without them knowing, and it’s an effective way to ensure their safety and well-being. It’s important to note that you should have your child’s consent or awareness of this monitoring, especially if they’re old enough to understand. Communication and trust are vital components of any parent-child relationship when using such monitoring methods.

How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore practical, cost-free methods and tools to discreetly monitor your child’s smartphone activities. You won’t need to spend a penny to ensure their safety and keep an eye on their device usage. We’ll delve into a range of approaches, from built-in features on popular smartphones to third-party apps, offering unique advantages.

Find My Device – Android

Find My Device is an Android built-in feature that empowers you to track your child’s phone covertly without them knowing, all from your device. It’s a valuable tool for ensuring their safety while maintaining discretion.

Find My Device


  1. Enable Location Services: On your child’s Android phone, navigate to “Settings,” scroll down, and select “Location.” Ensure the “Location” toggle is switched on.
  2. Activate Find My Device: In the “Settings” menu, find “Security & Location” or a similar option, depending on your device. Look for “Find My Device” and ensure it’s turned on.
  3. Access Find My Device: Use a web browser to visit the Find My Device website. Log in with the Google account linked to your child’s phone.
  4. Locate Your Child’s Phone: After logging in, a map displaying your child’s device location will appear. You can zoom in and out for precise tracking. You can also utilize features like “Play Sound” to ring the phone (even if it’s on silent) or “Secure Device” to lock it remotely.
  5. Track Location History: To monitor your child’s past locations, click on the device’s name on the left-hand side of the screen. This provides insights into where your child has been.
  6. Set Geofences: For added security, set up geofences. These virtual boundaries trigger alerts when your child’s phone enters or exits specified areas.

Find My iPhone – iOS

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an integrated feature within iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. It allows you to discreetly monitor your child’s iPhone phone without them knowing and is a powerful tool for ensuring their safety.


  1. Ensure iCloud is Enabled: On your child’s iOS device, open “Settings,” scroll down, and tap “iCloud.” Ensure that “Find My iPhone” is turned on.
  2. Access Find My iPhone: Using a web browser on a computer or another iOS device, visit the iCloud website. Sign in using the Apple ID linked to your child’s device.
  3. Locate Your Child’s Device: Once logged in, a map will display the current location of your child’s device. You can use the map controls to zoom in and out for precise tracking.
  4. Activate Additional Features: By selecting the device on the map, you can access additional options like “Play Sound” (to make the device emit a loud sound, even if it’s on silent), “Lost Mode” (remotely locking the device and displaying a custom message), and “Erase iPhone” (remotely wiping the device to protect sensitive data).
  5. Track Location History: To monitor where your child has been, select the device and click on “Actions.”
  6. Set Up Notifications: To receive alerts when your child’s device enters or leaves specific locations, tap the “Notify Me” option.

With these covert monitoring methods, you can keep your child safe without them knowing you’re keeping an eye on their smartphone.

FAQs about Tracking My Child’s Phone 

How Can I Track My Child’s Phone Without Installing an App?

You can track your child’s phone without installing an app by using carrier services or phone number tracking. Some apps offer location tracking through these methods without requiring an app installation. Another option is using the phone’s IMEI number for tracking.

How Can I See Everything on My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

To monitor your child’s phone without their knowledge, you can use a parental control app like Kidsguard Pro, which allows you to monitor their activities remotely. This app runs in stealth mode on their phone, ensuring they remain unaware of the monitoring.

How to Track My Child’s Location in Real-time?

You can track your child’s location in real-time by using a parental monitoring app like Kidsguard Pro. These apps provide GPS tracking features that allow you to monitor their location as it updates in real-time.

My Daughter Ran Away; How Can I Track Her Phone?

To track your child without giving them a phone, you can provide them with a GPS tracker device or a smartwatch with tracking capabilities. These devices allow you to monitor their location without a full-fledged smartphone.

Can I Track My Child Without Giving Them a Phone?

To track your child without giving them a phone, you can provide them with a GPS tracker device or a smartwatch with tracking capabilities. These devices allow you to monitor their location without a full-fledged smartphone.

Can I Remotely Access My Daughter’s iPhone?

Yes, you can remotely access your daughter’s iPhone if it is linked to an Apple ID that you have access to. Apple’s built-in features like Find My iPhone and Family Sharing can help you access certain information and control some settings remotely.

How Can I Track My Child’s iPhone Location?

You can track your child’s iPhone location using Apple’s built-in features like Find My iPhone. If you’ve set up Family Sharing, you can also use location sharing features. Additionally, third-party parent control apps like Kidsguard Pro offer advanced tracking capabilities.

Can My Child Uninstall the Tracking App?

Whether your child can uninstall a tracking app depends on the app itself and the permissions they have. Some parental control apps are designed to be tamper-proof, making it difficult for children to uninstall them without your knowledge. It’s important to choose a reliable app that prioritizes security and monitoring.

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We’ve addressed your inquiry about how to monitor your child’s phone without them knowing. If your child uses an iPhone, some built-in methods provide limited monitoring capabilities. However, for comprehensive and remote monitoring, we strongly recommend using the Kidsguard Pro parental control app or mSpy spy app. It offers complete monitoring solutions and allows you to mirror your child’s activities on both Android and iOS devices, providing peace of mind for parents. Keep in mind that maintaining an open and honest line of communication with your child is essential for nurturing trust and fostering a healthy parent-child relationship.

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