Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will help you understand your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and the way it is handled. As stated in the US Privacy Law and Information Security, PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is any piece of information that can be used individually or merged with something else to locate, contact, or identify an individual. On this page, we will help you understand how we collect and protect your PII to provide a better experience of our services.

What piece of information is collected by TraceMob from its visitors?

While signing up for an account or registering for our services, you might be asked to provide your name, email id, or any other related information. The goal is to provide a better experience on our website.

When is the information collected by TraceMob?

In most cases, we collect any piece of information when users register on our website to create an account, subscribe to our newsletter, or enter any other information willingly.

How is the collected data used by TraceMob?

The information that is collected by us when you register on our website, subscribe to our newsletter, purchase something, participate in a survey/contest, or perform any other task in the following ways:

  • To provide a customized browsing experience and help us provide more appropriate services to you (that is, the content that would interest you the most).
  • It helps us provide a personalized customer service experience.
  • It further assists us in improving the user experience of the website.
  • For collecting feedback (reviews and ratings) from users regarding our products
  • To manage any contest, giveaway, survey, or promotional campaign

What measures do we take to protect your data?

We understand the importance of your information and take the following security measures to protect it:

  • Our website is scanned for malware and virus protection on a regular basis.
  • We meet the PCI standards and avoid all kinds of vulnerability scanning.
  • We never ask for Internet banking passwords, credit card/debit card pins, or any other sensitive banking information.
  • Our aim is to only provide informative articles and resolve the queries of our readers.
  • Several security measures are taken whenever an individual accesses or submits their data to us to avoid its leak.
  • All the stored information is stored securely and can only be accessed by trained professionals with special access rights. Any vital information (like credit card detail) is kept encrypted and is not accessed by any individual.

Does TraceMob use cookies?

Yes, just like every other professional website, we also use secure cookies. Consider them as small files that are stored on your system by the browser to help websites recognize the system and provide a better browsing experience.

Therefore, the cookies that are stored by us would help us understand how you access the website. We can later customize your user experience and offer tailored products, offers, and other services. Apart from that, cookies also help us with website traffic assessment and provide specific referral offers to users.

In a nutshell, the cookies that are used by us help in the following way:

  • To learn from the preferences of a user and provide a better experience.
  • To gain data about website traffic and user interaction, leading to customized services.
  • To keep track of our ads and third-party promotions.
  • There are times when we rely on third-party providers and services for this information as well.
  • Users can disable cookies whenever they want by visiting the browser’s settings. You can go to the Help section of your browser to learn how to disable cookies on the browser.
  • Although you can opt out of cookies, it is recommended not to. By disabling it, your overall browsing experience would be affected and you won’t be able to access the website in a personalized way.

Third-party Sources and Disclosure

We, at TraceMob, do not trade, sell, transfer, or forward your PII to any third-party source through any medium.

Third-party Links

We might include links to third-party websites and also include offers for other products and services. Please note that these third-party websites would have their own privacy and cookie policies. We hold no liability or responsibility for any activity performed by third-party websites.


If you want to know about Google’s advertisement policy and principles, then you can visit its official website here:

Just like several other websites, we also take the assistance of Google AdSense to provide better ads to our visitors.

Here, Google acts as a third-party source that has its own cookies to provide ads on our website. Mostly, Google takes the assistance of DART cookies that serve ads to visitors on the basis of their browsing history, searched keywords, and other preferences. Google has provided a simple solution to opt out of DART cookies by visiting its privacy control settings if you don’t want it to track your browsing history.

We have integrated with Google AdSense and DoubleClick platforms to provide better advertisement options to our visitors. These platforms help us collect the needed information about user interaction, leading to personalized ad services. If you want, you can opt out of these services, whenever needed.

How to opt-out?

Google has provided a simple option for users to opt out of these cookies and the AdSense program. You can go to your Google Ad Settings page and customize the content preferences to restrict Google from tracking your browsing details. There is also a dedicated “Network Advertising Initiative Opt Out” page on Google Analytics that you can visit to opt out of these services.

California Online Privacy Protection Act

California Online Privacy Protection Act, which is commonly known as CalOPPA, is the first law in the state that requires websites and online portals to display their privacy policy. Although the law has originated in California, it has to be complied with by every website in the country and the world that gets visitors from the state of California and deals with their Personally Identifiable Information. Websites are needed to share how they collect the information and if they share it with any third-party source. You can get to know more about CalOPPA on its website here:

In order to comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act, we agree to the following terms:

Anyone can visit our website anonymously. The link to our Privacy Policy is being added to our website and is being displayed on its home page or the first important page of the website that is clearly visible to visitors. The link to our Privacy Policy includes the term “Privacy” and is made available to any visitor easily. Whenever there would be any change in our Privacy Policy, there would be a notification on the page.

If you want to change your personal information, then you can do it by logging in to your account, calling us, or dropping us an email.

How are Do Not Track signals handled by TraceMob?

We honor and comply with the Do Not Track signals and plant cookies that are implemented by a DNT source, including a Do Not Track browser.

Is third-party behavioral tracking allowed?

Please note that we allow third-party behavioral tracking on our website.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

COPPA, which is the abbreviation for Children Online Privacy Protection Act, deals with the protection of private information of children below the age of 13 and puts parents in control of their children’s information. The US Consumer Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, enforces COPPA and its regulations on websites and online portals.

  • We never collect information from users under the age of 13
  • Parents are allowed to view and delete the information of their kids by contacting us.
  • Parents can also refuse the sharing of information by contacting us.

Fair Information Practices Principle

The Fair Information Practices Principle is another vital law in the United States that protects the private information of any individual. We comply with the law and its privacy norms to keep the personal information of our users safe. Under the Fair Information Practices Principle, we take the following responsibility:

  • If a data breach occurs, we would be responsible to notify the users via email within 7 business days.
  • TraceMob also complies with the Individual Redress Principle which allows individuals to take legal actions against data collectors and distributors that fail to follow the law. This gives the right to users to not only take the needed actions against data collectors but also to recourse government agencies to investigate the situation.


The CAN-SPAM is a dedicated act regarding the rules for commercial emails and messages, giving the right to any user to opt out of these emails. Please note that we only collect email addresses to send vital information to contacts, inform them about a marketing campaign, or respond to their queries for providing better customer support.

We comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and agree to not provide false or misleading information in our emails. Individuals can opt out of our emails by unsubscribing to the service whenever they want. Once a user would unsubscribe from our emails, we will promptly delete them from the corresponding list.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy or any other topic, kindly get in touch with us.